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RRP Jewellers: Diamond Studed Fine Jewelry Wholesaler and Manufacturer

Looking for Diamond Jewelry Manuacturer? We at RRP Jewellers provide a wide variety of diamond jewellery ranging from natural diamond to lab created diamond jewelry. If you're looking for jewelry wholesalers- RRP is the place to be! Buy jewelry from us at wholesale price as you’re buying from the manufacturer directly. We provide everything you need to build your beautiful jewelry such as rings, bracelets, chains, nose pins, earrings, wedding bands, pendants, diamond studded watches, hip hop jewelry and even customized diamond jewelry.

Diamond Ring:

A metal band crafted to be worn around a finger as an ornament or jewellery, is termed as a ring. We at RRP Jewellers offer rings equipped with both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Our range includes wedding bands, solitaire diamond rings, engagement rings, vintage rings, three stone rings, salt and pepper diamond rings and many diamond rings.

Diamond Earrings:

A ring for one’s ear is called earrings. We at RRP offer the best in class earrings which incorporate the use of natural and lab grown diamonds. Earrings such as Hoop Earrings, Drop Earrings, Stud Earrings, Salt and Pepper Earrings and Diamond Earrings can be found in our gallery.

Diamond Pendants:

When a loose piece of jewellery or gem which is commonly chained with care so that an individual can wear it as a necklace. RRP has a wide collection of natural and lab-grown diamond based pendants for you to choose from. The range includes Charm Pendants, Solitaire Pendants, Name Pendants and Diamond Pendants.

Diamond Bracelet:

A band crafted to be placed around one’s wrist and holds charms, ornaments or ther gems is called a bracelet. RRP offers some of the most beautiful metal bracelets which are studded with both lab-grown and natural diamonds. The variety of bracelets you will find at RRP are Bangle Bracelets, Tennis Bracelets, Heart Bracelets, Cuban Bracelets and Chain Bracelets.

Diamond Chains:

Chains in jewelry are used to carry pendants or gems and made to encircle parts of the body to give a good look, mainly the neck, wrist and ankle. RRP comes with the most prestigious range of chains such as Franco Chain, Cuban/Hip-Hop Chain, Tennis Chain and Cable Chain/Linking Chain.

Custom Jewelry:

Have a jewelry design idea? RRP Jewellers is where you can share your ideas and get custom made designer jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones..you just have to email or whatsapp the iamge or URL, and we will make the same piece of jewelry for you.