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Custom Engagement Rings

At RRP Jewellers, we guarantee a custom designing experience that you have never witnessed before. Our excellent designers can create hand-crafted weddings jewelry, engagement rings, and weddings rings with gemstones and diamonds of your choosing. Whether you would like a ring that has a colored gemstone, a clear diamond, or some other modification – we are certain that we can craft something that will appeal to you. We can also use metal options that are right for you, to ensure you have a completely personalized designing experience.

Not only that, our state-of-the-art technology can create for you a unique ring that can match whatever design you desire. Bring us a design from anywhere in the world, and we will create a personally jewelry piece for you in the same vein that will not break your bank. We can create a ring that can match the standards of the biggest brands in the world, yet costs a fraction of the original design. Bring your vision to life with RRP Jewellers, and get a piece of jewelry for yourself that embodies your unique personality.

Although there is a misconception that custom designing of rings is expensive and takes a lot of time, the truth is that RRP Jewellers team can help you achieve your perfect ring design in no time and with less extra charges compared to the market standards. Our experts will help you choose a diamond that speaks to you, create a 3D render or CAD (Computer Aided Design) of your dream aspiration, and deliver the finished piece to you in just a few days.

The first step of the process is selecting a center piece or stone for your ring. Our team will assist you with it, and once that is done, we can narrow down the design options for you and get started with the custom designing. Next, you can bring your request to our team. We guarantee that our talented designers can create a finished piece that is loyal to your design request, no matter which part of the world you picked up the design from.

You can contact us at any time in the process to review the designing. You will get an initial quote once the designs are finalized, and the team will move forward with 3D rendering once everything is finalized. The design in the rendered file may look a little different. For instance, you may think that the prongs are set too high, or pave detailing is unfinished. This is because the finishing team needs to see the prongs to set the stones, and beads in the pave detailing will not be seen in the computer rendered design. However, stay assured that our team will provide you with the best possible render of your custom design.

After the rendering has been completed, our team will start working on creating a final finished ring for you. We use hand-pulled wires and wax casting to materialize the rendering into a 3D object. After the metal has been cast in the mold, we will polish the piece and set the diamond or gemstone in it. Our experienced jewelers will ensure that this is done in the most elegant way possible to ensure that your product is durable and striking at the same time.

At RRP RRP Jewellers, we aim to offer custom designing services that are not costly, fast, and can help you design a uniquely crafted, quality ring that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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