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RRP Jewellers: Stud Diamond Earrings & Hoop Diamond Earrings Manufacturer and Wholesaler

Are you looking for natural diamonds stud diamond earring & hoop diamond earring manufacture and wholesaler? at RRP Jewellers, we are providing various type of diamond earrings such as Stud Diamond Earrings, Hoop Diamond Earrings, Drop Diamond Earrings, Black Diamond Earrings, and so more at our platform. Buy Diamond Earrings from us at wholesale price as you’re buying from the manufacturer directly.

Drop Diamond Earrings:

Rings for the ears which tend to drop down the earlobe are termed as drop earrings. The drop is made using gems which extend up till one’s neck. The gems are made up of natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds, here at RRP.

Hoop Diamond Earrings:

Earrings shaped given a shape of big circles which symbolize strength, identity and international fashion are termed as hoop earrings. These rings are available at RRP combined to lab created or natural diamonds.

Stud Diamond Earrings:

A small piece of gem, set on top of a narrow metal pin which is placed in the holes made on the ear or earlobe, is termed as stud earrings. At RRP the studs will be placed with lab created diamonds or natural diamonds.

Black Diamond Earrings:

A black colored diamond stone with precise cuts placed on top of rings for one’s ears are known as black diamond rings. RRP proudly manufacturers such rings with natural black diamonds.

Salt & Pepper Diamond Earrings:

When a diamond stone with black inclusions is placed with care on a metal band a salt and pepper diamond ring is created. Each ring is unique from the other as no inclusions are ever the same. RRP offers such rings in natural diamonds.

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